Environmental Defence: Comparison of the federal parties climate policies

Version française
Environmental Defence and Équiterre have launched an updated comparison looking at the federal parties’ main climate policies. Only six weeks after Canada’s federal election, national governments will gather in Paris for United Nations talks to finalize a global climate change agreement. Recent polls show that Canadians are looking for greater leadership from the federal government on climate change.
Will Canada Finally Tackle the Climate Challenge? An updated comparison of federal parties’ positions on climate change lays out each federal political party’s main climate change policies, including key policies required to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions. These key policies include renewable energy development, energy efficiency programs, strategies on public transit and the electrification of our transportation system.The primer is an expanded update of a document published by Environmental Defence in July. Information in this updated version was compiled by using responses from federal parties to a recent questionnaire sent by Équiterre and Environmental Defence and, where required, supplemented by information from campaign materials published by the parties.

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