Tree Planting at Mystery Park

It’s tree planting season again, and Tree Ottawa is helping Convent Glen/Orleans Wood re-plant Mystery Park!

Like so many of Ottawa’s greenspaces, Mystery Park has been hit hard by the Emerald Ash Borer. With over 25% of the trees in this park being Ash, the City of Ottawa had to clear-cut the whole area. This is an amazing opportunity for us to re-plant and protect the future of our greenspace. One park at a time!

The City of Ottawa has found a sponsor for this planting, Patterson Outdoor Advertising, and we will have 800 potted trees to plant! Everyone is invited! Lets get our hands dirty for trees!

WHEN: October 17th, 9am-12pm

WHERE: Mystery Park Orleans (Close to Carine Wilson High School),-75.5393515,17z




2 Comments on “Tree Planting at Mystery Park

  1. Were the highschools in the area contacted? Corrine Wilson is right next door and I was surprised that there were very few highschool students that participated?

    • Hi John,

      I apologize for the extremely late reply. The local high schools were not contacted, which is extremely unfortunate as you mentioned because there are two high schools in close proximity and it would have been great for us to get as many hands on the job. We greatly appreciate your feedback and we will take this suggestion for future projects. We look forward to seeing and hearing more from you John,

      Thank you!

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