Trees in need of homes!

Do you love trees? Tree Ottawa has a number of Colorado Spruce and White Cedar saplings that need homes. The saplings are free and can be picked up at our office (1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1510) any time between 9am and 3pm all this week (August 17th– 21st) with the exception of August 18th between 12:30 and 2.


The saplings are species native to the Ottawa area and come from the Ferguson Forest center. All of the saplings have a number indicating what number out of the million-tree goal they are. Tree Ottawa will take care of adding your sapling to the Great Ecology Ottawa Tree Map all you need to do is take care of your sapling or saplings.


You’re welcome to take more than one sapling. Please come and take home a sapling. If you have any question please email

Tree Number Tag Trees in box Trees on windowsil

4 Comments on “Trees in need of homes!

    • Hi Madeleine, There is no provincial restriction on this offer. Trees are available on a first come first serve basis and can be picked up between 9am and 3pm all this week. – The Tree Ottawa Team

    • Hi Coco, unfortunately we are out of trees at this point. We’ll post on facebook (, Our website (, and our twitter (@treeottawa) the next time we have trees to give away. For future reference from what I understand the Cedars typically grow about 15 metres tall and the spruce can grow to about 60 feet tall. I am not however a tree expert and if vertical space is a pressing concern you may want to do some more research or speak with an expert before planting. Thanks –The Tree Ottawa Team

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