27 Groups Join Ecology Ottawa to Urge City on Climate Change

A total of twenty seven groups—twenty of them community associations—have now added their names to a letter to Mayor Jim Watson urging action on climate change. To see the text of the letter plus the Mayor’s response click here. The groups include:

Community Associations

  1. Action Sandy Hill
  2. Beacon Hill Community Association
  3. Champlain Park Community Association
  4. Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association
  5. Dalhousie Community Association
  6. Glebe Annex Community Association
  7. Glebe Community Association
  8. Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
  9. Heron Park Community Association
  10. Hintonburg Community Association
  11. Lowertown Community Association
  12. Mechanicsville Community Association
  13. New Edinburgh Community Alliance
  14. Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA)
  15. Ottawa East Community Association / Sustainable Living Ottawa East
  16. Queensway Terrace North Community Association
  17. Riverview Park Community Association
  18. Rothwell Heights Property Owners Association
  19. Westboro Community Association
  20. Westboro Beach Community Association

Other Groups

  1. 350 Ottawa
  2. BioRegional North America
  3. Carleton Climate Commons Working Group
  4. Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop
  5. Right Bike
  6. Tucker House
  7. University of Ottawa’s Office of Campus Sustainability

One Comment on “27 Groups Join Ecology Ottawa to Urge City on Climate Change

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