Depave Paradise 2015

Depave Greening Project

Depave Paradise is back!

Last year, we removed more than 100 square meters of asphalt from the Kitchissippi Church parking lot.

This year, with the help of the community, we’re going to do the same for St. Anthony Catholic School.

Depave Paradise addresses the proliferation of hard surfaces in modern urban environments through the primal act of ripping up unused pavement and replacing it with soil and vegetation. Volunteers “liberate the soil,” using hand tools to pry up the pavement. Native plants, bushes and trees are then planted to act as filters and sponges for polluted stormwater runoff. The events attract media and political attention, and raise awareness of the issues surrounding the urban water cycle, while making measurable environmental impacts, reducing runoff and contamination and increasing green space.

June 20th is depaving day – food, friends, activities and a handful of pry bars is all we need to have a good time and make Ottawa just that much greener.

If you’d like to get involved please see our volunteer sign-up page.

WHERE: St. Anthony Catholic School, 391 Booth St.

WHEN: 10am-5pm, Saturday, June 20th

For more information please contact:

Stu Campana, Ecology Ottawa Water Project Manager


One Comment on “Depave Paradise 2015

  1. Great idea; as long as we are not going backwards…need to pave later…?

    I have maintained the importance of filtering run off for years. A good reason not to allow the development of BIG BOX stores. As well as the direct run off of rain water, there is a lot of traffic, idoling of engines etc in these areas. We can’t pretend that people actually walk to these areas; they are too big!
    We own a small business see financial impact as well. People need to educated on the importance of shopping locally, instead of purchasing on line. Supporting local business creates jobs for everyone and engages people people in communication. We help to keep health care costs down when we pay taxes in Canada.

    Another area of concern is the exess salt being used on road ways and shopping areas. This environmental disaster is made worse by the excess concrete.

    Streets are no longer straight and easy to plow. Now they are made with curves etc making it almost impossible for plows to pass easily. This costs money!

    Speed bumps being redone with new asphalt. Why not just leave the pot holes; that would slow people down. I think you get the idea.

    Please lets get these councellors and people to think ahead and have common sense before acting!

    Thank you for your efforts!

    Sue Berger
    Dinardo’s Skis & Wheels

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