Glashan Schoolyard Greening Project Update

 An update from Tree Ottawa collaborator the Glashan School Yard Greening Project.

April Update — It’s Crunch Time!!!
  • The landscape contractors are expected to arrive to start greening work in late May or early June. Action! Yahoo!
  • The base contract on the schoolyard’s southside (along Catherine) and northside of building (Arlington) is fully funded. Yipee!
  • We have an estimated financial gap of $5-6,000.00 for us to be able to get the contractors to also do the north-west corner greening plan this time around. (area in photo bellow). We have raised just over $30,000 for this component so it seems like “so near and yet so far”. We need to close the gap in the next two weeks for this to get done. Yikes!

"Glashan Public School, outside yard.  Apr 18, 2015."

Here are 3 things you can do to help:
1. Take three minutes and make a $10.00 on-line donation via the PayPal Donate Now button on the Glashan Greening web site.
2. This Saturday May 2, between 10am and 2pm, bring one or more bags of used clothing (or boxes of household goods) to our Used Clothing Drive! Drop off at Glashan School (28 Arlington) or at Whole Foods (Landsdowne, + get $15 off coupon). More info
3. Talk to your family and get a family or individual name inscribed bronze leaf on the donor tree for $100. More info:
Glashan Donner Tree
For more information please contact:
Angela Keller-Herzog

Chair – Green Team – Glashan School Council
To subscribe to the Glashan School Yard Greening Project Email News Update send a message to with message “subscribe updates”.

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