STOP “Energy East” July Stittsville Meeting

Ecology Ottawa- TarFree 613 Present:



To RSVP to this event:

The spectre of a project that would move tar sands oil across Canada and only a couple kilometres from Stittsville continues to hang over us all. Come to our information meeting and get informed!


  1. Description of the projects and it’s risks – there’s no good reason to agree to this.
  2. Where we are at opposing this project- (this news is encouraging!)
  3. What you can do to help stop it.
  4. Questions and answer, discussion

Snacks and beverages courtesy of Ecology Ottawa.


To RSVP to this event:

One Comment on “STOP “Energy East” July Stittsville Meeting

  1. Please see my web page at – “ENERGY EAST AND OTHER OIL PIPELINE PROJECTS; TRANSCANADA PIPELINES INC. AND THEIR DISMISSAL OF ENGINEER EVAN VOKES – FOR DOING HIS JOB RIGHT.” Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER should this project be allowed to proceed until the company treats Evan Vokes properly. – even if there are satisfactory answers to all the other objections that have been raised against this project by the various groups. Unless TransCanada Pipelines Inc. treats Even Vokes properly, among other things,TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL) are not in a position to properly assure everybody concerning standards of workmanship and onsite inspections during construction. This is absolutely basic to freedom from leaks, explosions and possible injuries to people once the pipeline starts operating. Mainstream media, by their silence on this, are pretending that everything is O.K. and this has been reinforced by an obfuscatory statement from the Harper government concerning pipeline safety, which has even been fooling the RCMP. It’s all documented; see my web page previously cited. If TCPL or anybody else want to argue with me over this, just let them try it.

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