Bronson Audit shows how unsafe walking can be!

Bronson Active Transportation Audit starts preparation for 2017 re

Bronson Audit Team – November 2014

A group of walkers hit Bronson this weekend to closely examine the walking, cycling and driving conditions on this thoroughfare between the 417 and the canal.

Utility poles, commercial driveways and the lack of a barrier between walker and vehicle, made participants feel unsafe as traffic hit speeds of 80 km/h passing very close to sidewalks.

Although on this windy and chilly November Saturday no cyclists were in sight, the lack of bicycle infrastructure was obvious. There was no additional space for a bike to manoeuvre on the road and no parking for vehicles other than one spot near Clemow. This created a 4 lane freeway of traffic moving quickly off the Queensway (Hwy 417) toward the Airport or alternatively from the Airport to the downtown core.

This flow of traffic also divides the west end of the Glebe into two residential sections with only 4 places to cross Bronson in the entire stretch.

Extreme reconstruction is scheduled between 2015 and 2017, providing an opportunity to make much needed changes to Bronson’s design while other work is moving forward.

Ecology Ottawa and the Glebe Community Association will work together to promote pedestrian and cyclist safety as construction proceeds.


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