Petition the City of Ottawa to adopt a long-term Urban Forest Management Strategy!

Invasive, aggressive and spreading, the Emerald Ash Borer is killing millions of trees every year in the nation’s capital decimating the urban canopy and costing taxpayers millions of dollars as the city struggles to ensure parks and streets are safe from falling trees.

While politicians regularly commit to planting new trees when the cameras are rolling, city council hasn’t approved a Urban Forest Management Strategy since before 2003 when the last plan expired.

The benefits of an official plan are self evident – councillors can approve multi-year budget allotments to the city’s forestry department that reflect the real scope of work needed.   Equipment purchases, staffing resources and re-planting options need the benefit of formal plan to avoid costly mistakes made on the fly.  The City’s ash trees were largely planted to replace trees killed by Dutch Elm disease.  Let’s have a plan.  Sign our petition calling on Ottawa to adopt a clear, publicly available Urban Forest Management Strategy.


Click here to sign the petition!



9 Comments on “Petition the City of Ottawa to adopt a long-term Urban Forest Management Strategy!

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  4. We need our forests and trees they are essential to our ecosystem. And need to be preserved and protected.

  5. Please look into ways to preserve and manage our remaining trees! Thanks!

  6. You can’t sign the petition because when there is no hyperlink where it reads “click here to sign the petition”.

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