Ottawa Municipal Election 2014

Ottawa votes for a new city council this fall. We are working hard to ensure the next council makes Ottawa the green capital of Canada.

Click here to see how candidates in your ward answered our questions.

Election season has begun in the City of Ottawa! We at Ecology Ottawa have kick-started our own municipal elections campaign to ensure the next city council will be a leader on Ottawa’s most pressing environmental issues; and we need your help.

We want a city council that will:

  • prioritize safe, healthy and sustainable modes of transportation that are accessible to everyone;
  • protect our trees and waterways so all residents can benefit from a healthy and vibrant natural environment, and;
  • show leadership in the fight against climate change and the transition away from our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels.

Harper pipeline photoEcology Ottawa has already knocked on over 15,000 doors this year in the run-up to the election. Events are being organized and candidates are being engaged and it is being done by people like you – people who care about healthy communities and are prepared to organize.

So if you are willing to help us canvass, or organize an event, enter data, talk to your councilors, raise questions at an all candidate’s debate, then please let us know by contacting Victoria and Derek, our elections campaign coordinators.

Ecology Ottawa is conducting a survey of all municipal candidates around our five core priorities. Each priority area poses two or three questions about how our five campaigns might be implemented. See a background of the campaign and the questions that follow at the links immediately below:

We will be releasing the survey results in campaign-specific reports as election day approaches. To see the survey questions and how candidates in your ward have answered them click here. You can download the questions here if you want to ask your candidates on the doorstep or at all-candidates’ meetings.

To see a summary of all five election planks go here.

We’ve also organized LOTS of election events for you to get involved in. Here are some of the ones still to come:

You can find these and other election events on the Ecology Ottawa calendar.

Keep visiting this page as we will continue to update it as information is released and events are confirmed.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, or are already volunteering on a given campaign, then please feel free to make a donation to support our election work here.

4 Comments on “Ottawa Municipal Election 2014

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  2. who should I vote for in River Ward (Ward 16)// there are no outstanding candidates that I see.

    • Roger, I am a resident of Ward 16 and co-chair of the Greenspace Alliance. I don’t know what Ecology Ottawa will do but the Greenspace Alliance will not endorse specific candidates. Candidates’ replies to our four propositions are published on our web site, however; 6 of the 10 candidates for Council have responded. Along with the responses to Ecology Ottawa’s questions, that will give you some basis for your choice.

      I do have personal views and, no, I would not agree that there is not at least one outstanding candidate!


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