[VIDEO] Climate Change Campaign Update in 1 Min 15 Sec

If you want to help, contact Charles at charles.hodgson@ecologyottawa.net

In the runup to Ottawa’s municipal election we asked for volunteers to help with the climate change campaign.

Things are going well.  We’ve had more than 70 people say yes.

In the video, former Ottawa Citizen journalist, now Executive Editor and Director of Strategic Communications for Feed the Children, Shelley Page explains how at first she thought she was too busy to help, but then realized that climate change is such an important issue to her that she’d make time to get involved.

The context is that the city has produced a climate change management plan, but it won’t be of any use to anyone if the next city council doesn’t feel responsible for implementing it.

So we’re personally asking candidates for city council to support local action on climate change.

So far, in 18 of the 23 city wards, Ecology Ottawa supporters are making it their business to talk to all the candidates and then asking other people to do the same.

Want to find out who’s running in your ward? Check here. Don’t know which ward you’re in? Check here.

If you want to help, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with the team in your ward.

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