Protect A Tree

 Protecting Trees in Ottawa


street trees

Trees are vulnerable to a multitude of stressors such as drought, insects and disease. Tree Ottawa’s Adopt-a-Tree Program significantly improves a tree’s chance of survival thanks to residents like you who commit to basic tree care. In fact, research shows adopted trees can grow two times faster than trees that do not receive adequate after planting care. By adopting a tree in your neighborhood, you can help create a thriving and healthy urban tree canopy in our city for future generations to come.




Ecology Ottawa has identified a few different ways that you can help protect trees:

4 Comments on “Protect A Tree

  1. It’s a great idea, but I think it really shows that people are the greatest threat to trees. Adopting a tree simply makes the tree’s enemy into its friend and so it lives.

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  3. I’d like to save my huge maple tree in my front yard. Problem is it may fall on the house if we have a bad winter. What i’d like to do is trim it back but the cost of tree service is out of my pay scale can anyone help please.

  4. When I first bought my house we had these 7 huge maples in the backyard. Our neighborhood tree guy immediately wanted to remove them, but instead I had him thin out the branches on top to direct more sunlight into the pool. You guys are totally right with adopting trees.

    Anyway we can get more trees from being removed the better of an impact we’ll have in the cities we live in. Great article!

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