Anticipated Street Renewals in Your Ward!

ID-100185985The street that you live on is more than just a thoroughfare for cars. It’s also a place, it’s a destination, it’s an extension of your home, and it’s something to be proud of. When the city tears up your street, do you want a say in what it will look like when they put it back together again? If you enjoy riding your bike, walk around your neighbourhood, or if you rely on public transit, then this is the opportunity to have your voice heard!If you want to help Ecology Ottawa push for complete streets in your area, please take a look at the list of anticipated street renewals for your ward below. These lists are a huge opportunity because they serve as a kind of “street map” for building a better neighbourhood. The city has made it clear that the most cost effective and efficient way to start widespread implementation of Complete Streets is by including aspects in upcoming street renewal projects. Transit, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks will not be part of the plan though unless we make it clear to the City that we want them. This is why we need your help to make sure Complete Streets are prioritized!

Street Renewals by Ward: 

Write to us and let us know that you’re interested in a particular street! We are looking for people that want to prioritize cycling, walkability and public transit in their neighbourhood. We’ll make sure that one of our volunteer leaders gets back to you with ideas about how you can help shape the streets in your community. Please e-mail for more information.

5 Comments on “Anticipated Street Renewals in Your Ward!

  1. The priority for our family is st Patrick. We live
    In Lindenlea.
    As a family we like to bicycle to the market. However
    currently our 9 year old daughter is not able to
    bicycle along St Patrick because the existing bike
    lane ends and lands one in the middle of heavy
    traffic. Our priority is that st Patrick be completely
    cycle friendly. Only 1 meter would be sufficient
    to give bikes a separate spot to cycle.
    Currently the bikes lanes in either side of st
    Patrick have to be extended to make them usable
    for the average person. The argument that 1 meter
    is not viable since 1 meter would be a great
    improvement compared to 0 meters.
    If we are serious about wanting a healthy
    population, we must provide spaces for this sort
    of physical activity to be built into our everyday

  2. I agree 100% with Jeff. St. Patrick is a direct route (only route) for anyone cycling from Lindenlea, New Edinburgh, North Vanier and Rockcliffe etc. Currently, it is absolutely ridiculous how fast traffic travels here and how unsafe it is for cyclists not to have some kind of bike lane. There is more then enough space for a 1 meter bike lane if some of the middle median is reduced, Also, would seem very easy to construct an elavated bike lane (above the curb) that is separate from the road on both sides, between the road and trees that are currently there. Some form of complete street designs has to be made mandatory on all redesigns and modifications on major streets going forward. No more fighting one street, community association, neighbouhood etc. at a time! The City needs to get creative and stop making excuses as to reasons why it is not possible, it is always possible!

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