Attend the City’s Upcoming Water Roundtable!

As part of its commitment to develop a comprehensive Water Environment Strategy, the City of Ottawa has announced that it will be hosting a Water Roundtable on Saturday, June 14th, from 9:00 am until 1:00pm.

The Roundtable will be a way for the City to engage its citizens on a variety of issues related to water in Ottawa. This event will bring together hundreds of residents from across the city who care about the health of our watersheds, to raise awareness and share knowledge about what is currently being done to manage, protect and preserve these precious resources.

This event will also provide an opportunity for the public to further engage in a conversation with the City about what can be done in order to take better care of our watersheds. Feedback from these discussions will ideally contribute to the development of initiatives within the Water Environment Strategy (to be released in 2015), which will act as Ottawa’s overall framework to protect and enhance our water.

The following are links to official documents related to the issue, as well as a document summarizing the information we have on the WES:

Introduction to the Water Campaign

WES – Phase 1 Document Annexes

WES – Phase 1 Document

2014 City of Ottawa Work Plan to Support the WES

ESAC motion in support of WES

If you care about the future of Ottawa’s water resources, please email to register for the event.

Please email Jenner ( if you have any additional questions or should you email your attendance.

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