Ecology Ottawa and the Raging Grannies take on TransCanada

TransCanada representatives were in Ottawa again yesterday to push their tar sands pipeline at a ‘Open House’ held in North Gower.


“No Tar Sands in the Rideau – No Climate Change in Canada”

However, Ecology Ottawa staff and volunteers were joined by other groups – including Ottawa’s famous Raging Grannies – to make sure residents would hear more critical perspectives on the pipeline.

An estimated half of the participants to the Open House came to chat with critics of the pipeline, and many of them ended up signing a petition rejecting the pipeline – including many people who had the pipeline going through their property.

During a lull in conversations on the inside of the negotiations, the Raging Grannies sprang into action, and interrupted the proceedings to deliver three songs to the people gathered.

We managed to capture some of that performance before TransCanada made us turn our cameras off. Please take  a look below…

And as always, check out for more information and to sign our petition!


3 Comments on “Ecology Ottawa and the Raging Grannies take on TransCanada

  1. Reblogged this on travellingdoris and commented:
    Ahhh, TransCanada … does the truth in song, by old ladies, who are politically astute scare you? #TarFree613

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