Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee Delegation

Penny's picture from Facebook & Twitter

Penny Thompson’s picture from Facebook & Twitter

At the Advisory Committee meeting last evening Penny Thompson was elected Chair. Ecology Ottawa’s Charles Hodgson made what’s called a “public delegation” to the Committee and took the opportunity to offer congratulations on the appointment of it’s inaugural Chair and to submit two requests to the incoming Chair. Mr. Hodgson preceded the requests with this quote from Mayor Jim Watson:

I’m proud to state that the City of Ottawa is committed to renewing the Air Quality and Climate Change Plan to include renewed GHG reduction targets for both community and corporate emissions.

This is important because not only are we going to set the goals, it is my objective, and our council’s objective to meet and exceed the goals.

And we want to make sure that our Environmental Sustainability [Advisory] Committee is also keeping our feet to the fire, and [that] there’s a mechanism for members of the community, … [to] have that public forum on a quarterly basis to bring updates to that Committee.

With these words in mind Ecology Ottawa requested the Advisory Committee, once it had gotten itself organized, to let the public know how it planned to achieve these objectives.

Secondly Ecology Ottawa indicated that it was working with many many citizens who were similarly concerned over climate change and looked forward to working constructively with the City of Ottawa and with the Advisory Committee on the issue. Ecology Ottawa requested of the Advisory Committee guidance on how best to work collaboratively.


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