Transit Accessibility For All

PRESTO card image

PRESTO card image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Transit Commission met on July 3rd to receive updates on the PRESTO card and also to discuss the naming and design of the future LRT trains. While discussing aesthetics and design of the transit cars, Councillor Wilkinson inquired as to whether there would be space for bikes, wheelchairs, and strollers on the new trains. City staff clarified that yes, there are going to be multi-use areas by every door. Councillor Egli asked a similar question, only more focussed on wheelchairs and scooters and was also reassured that the trains will be fully accessible. Councillor Wilkinson and Councillor Egli receive a Thumbs Up for ensuring that the transit is friendly and accessible for all users.

The Commission then reviewed a report recommending staff review Transit Services with an Equality and Inclusion Lens to determine the impact of route changes on specific groups (such as immigrants, low-income residents, youth, seniors, women, those with disabilities, Aboriginal, and rural residents). The study intended to ensure service design would create positive customer experiences where they feel secure, and provide access to employment areas, food, and health care services. The Transit Commission receives a Thumbs Up for approving the application of the Equality and Inclusion Lens to Transit Services.

Finally, the Commission carried a report which detailed the Transit Service’s main priorities (Confederation Line, PRESTO, Customer Service, and Employee Engagement). Councillor Wilkinson receives a special mention due to her comment asking for the Transit Service to prioritize adjustments that will serve new communities that are not yet being serviced by transit. This was a great recommendation by Councillor Wilkinson because it would ensure that newer, suburban communities will not need to rely on cars but would have transit made an option to them. However this was not made into a motion by Councillor Wilkinson and was not implemented as a future direction.

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