how does climate change impact health in Ottawa

EVENT – Sick of Climate Change? Local Health Impacts in a Warming World

Join local and international health experts for thought-provoking discussion on how climate change impacts our health in Ottawa. April 29, 2014 at the University of Ottawa’s Desmarais Building, 12th floor. (just ...


Stop the Tar Sands Pipeline through the City of Ottawa

TransCanada wants to convert a gas pipeline into one that would carry toxic Tar Sands oil  through Ottawa. It is all risk and no benefit to the people of Ottawa. Sign ...

cut the crap ORAP river toilet sewage - featured image

Prevent Sewage Spills into the Ottawa River

More than ten thousand concerned Ottawans have signed the petition to stop the intentional dumping of sewage into our local rivers. Please add your voice. Every year hundreds of millions of litres of untreated ...



Ottawa Election 2014 – What’s important to you?

2014 is an election year and your vote will help decide who ...
Doctor holding out hand.

Details on Panel Event Sick of Climate Change?

You’re invited to attend on April 29th when Ecology Ottawa teams with ...
INFOGRAPHIC Health Impacts of Climate Change - spotlight

[INFOGRAPHIC] Health Impacts of Climate Change

Register here for the April 29 event Sick of Climate Change? Local Health ...

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Greening a schoolyard

Check out the Citizen Op-ed by our Community Network Glebe team leader, Angela Keller-Herzog ‘Our school looks like a jail!” is what our students say. The Ottawa inner-city Glashan schoolyard is bleak, mostly pavement. As the tulips are coming out in Ottawa, the Glashan school council is poised to launch a direct-ask fundraising campaign — looking to […]

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A major clean water and healthy watersheds initiative!

The City of Ottawa is developing a Water Environment Strategy that will guide the way the City manages our water and takes care of our watersheds. They are inviting people who care about water issues to participate in a huge upcoming Water Roundtable (it will probably take place in June, but we don’t know). Your […]

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TransCanada’s Proposed Pipeline Unearths Serious Backlash at Ontario Energy Board’s Public Hearing

On Monday April 7th the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) held a public hearing in Stittsville for TransCanada Corp.’s proposed Energy East pipeline. After Ontario’s Minister of Energy asked the OEB to examine and report back on the proposed project in November 2013, the OEB began a series of public consultations in the communities that fall […]

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A copy of our lawn signs available.

Report Back – Our Risk, Their Reward at the Mayfair

On Sunday April 13th around 250 people packed the Mayfair Theatre to learn about the risks to their city from the proposed Energy East pipeline. The event was a chance to learn about the many concerns about the pipeline, from climate change, to water, to safety and spills. Ecology Ottawa’s Executive Director, Graham Saul, joined […]

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Native Tree Profile #1: The American Elm

By: Owen Clarkin and Elizaveta Lisovskaya American Elm is one of North America’s best-known trees, famous for its arching vase-like growth form, very large size, long life, strong (difficult to split) wood, and ideal growth form. It is something of a generalist species. It especially favours seasonally wet soils, but takes to almost any type of […]

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The Future Looks Green for Glashan

Glashan P.S. holds a special event to celebrate the kick-off of the Majesta “Trees of Knowledge Competition” Glashan students OTTAWA- Monday was the official kick-off of the Majesta “Trees of Knowledge Competition” at Glashan Public School. Glashan is the first school in Ottawa to take part in a greening project of this size. Glashan P.S. […]

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directional sign - this way

Climate Change Campaign Update – Where We’re Going and How To Get There

(jump back to Where we Are) Ecology Ottawa is cautiously optimistic that the City of Ottawa has begun the process of assuming its responsibilities in the face of climate change. However, producing a planning document and actually reducing greenhouse gas emissions are two different things. Similarly, recognizing potential liability in the lack of an adaptation […]

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Climate Change Campaign Update – Where We Are

(jump back to How we Got Here) A Seeming Failure At the March 23 GHG Roundtable Mayor Jim Watson vowed that the city would renew its Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan by mid-2014. He said also that the then-newly-established Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (ESAC) would hold the city’s feet to the fire – […]

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how we got here

Climate Change Campaign Update – How We Got Here

From its founding Ecology Ottawa has encouraged the City of Ottawa to work with citizens to both: do our fair share in reducing our city’s contribution to climate change; and plan for how the city will cope with the changes climate change is bringing. For many years these efforts appeared to go nowhere. Through 2011 […]

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Q1 City Hall Roundup

Contributors: Chelsea Bland, Kai Ip Wong, Monica Wu   1. City to Host First Ever Water Roundtable February 18th marked the first Environment Committee meeting of 2014, with water as the major agenda item of the day. Councillor Maria McRae surprised those in attendance by announcing that a Water Conservation Roundtable would be held later […]

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